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Member Code:F1246
Dr Jitender Singh
Mr. Jitender Singh, c/o Prof. Arun Kumar and Dr. R.K. Varshney, MS-526, Fiber Optics Group, IIT Delhi.

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1301
Dr Jitendra Kumar
Department of Electronics Engineering Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

Regular Fellow
Member Code:A26
Dr Jitendra Satija
IIT Bombay, Mumbai , Powai

Associate Member
Member Code:L542
Dr Jitendranath Roy
N. I. T Agartala

Life Fellow
Member Code:L655
Prof Joby Joseph
Physics Department I.I.T. Delhi New Delhi 110016

Life Fellow
Member Code:L80
Dr Jogendra Nath Chakravorty
R.K. Mission Residential College

Life Fellow
Member Code:L506
Dr John Danial
Somany(PG) Institute of Technology and Management

Life Fellow
Member Code:L67
Prof Jonathan Maxwell

Life Fellow
Member Code:L493
Dr Jose Manuel Sasian
Univ. of Arizone

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1284
Mr Joseph Kurusingal

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1018
Mr Joseph Kurusingal
21A John Savage Crescent West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 AUSTRALIA

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1045
Mr Joyee Ghosh
University of Maryland at College Park

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L467
Mr Jugal Kishore Bajpai
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1156
Dr Juna Sathian
Imperial College London

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1210
Ms Jyothi Digge

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1268
Mr Jyoti Verma
Society for Applied Microwave Research

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L138
Prof Jyotindra Navin Chandra

Life Fellow
Member Code:L270
Dr K .C. Sethi

Life Fellow
Member Code:L204
Dr K .V. Rao
I. I. T, Kanpur

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1203
Assistant Professor Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering Hindustan University, Chennai 603103

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1164
Mr K Venkata Ravi
Optics Division / DIIRS Research Centre Imarat Vignyana Kancha Hyderabad 500069

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L501
Mr K. C.. Bahuguna
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:L420
Dr K. Chitra
St. Joseph’s College of Engg.

Life Fellow
Member Code:L183
Dr K. Ramesh
I. I. T, Madras

Life Fellow
Member Code:L199
Dr K. S. Dharmsaktu

Life Fellow
Member Code:L362
Dr K. .P. Choudhury
National Physical Lab.

Life Fellow
Member Code:L68
Dr K. C. Joshi

Life Fellow
Member Code:L223
Dr K. G. Gupta
U.P. State Observatory, Monora Peak

Life Fellow
Member Code:L28
Dr K. J. Rosenbruch
Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt Postfach Germany

Life Fellow
Member Code:L31
Mr K. K. Banerjee

Life Fellow
Member Code:L393
K. Narasimha Rao
Indian Inst. Of Science

Life Fellow
Member Code:L595
Mr K. Nithyanandan
Pondicherry University

Life Fellow
Member Code:L220
Dr K. R. Suresh K. Nair

Life Fellow
Member Code:L382
Dr K. R. Murali
Space Applications Centre

Life Fellow
Member Code:L172
Dr K. R. Sarma

Life Fellow
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