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Member Code:L595
Mr K. Nithyanandan
Pondicherry University

Life Fellow
Member Code:L220
Dr K. R. Suresh K. Nair

Life Fellow
Member Code:L382
Dr K. R. Murali
Space Applications Centre

Life Fellow
Member Code:L172
Dr K. R. Sarma

Life Fellow
Member Code:F945
Mr K. Raghunath
National Atmospheric Research Laboratory

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L240
Dr K. S. R. Krishna
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1201
Mr K. Sahu
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L381
Mr K. Sankarasubramanian

Life Fellow
Member Code:L158
Dr K. Srimannarayana
National Institute of Technology

Life Fellow
Member Code:L154
Dr K. Surendar
New Science College, Ameerpet

Life Fellow
Member Code:L64
Prof K. Thyagarajan
I. I. T Delhi

Life Fellow
Member Code:L75
Dr K. V. Sriram
ISRO-LEOS, Bangalore

Life Fellow
Member Code:L189
Dr K. Venkatesh
M.S. Ramaiah Institute Tech., Bangalore

Life Fellow
Member Code:L341
Prof K.A.N. Rao

Life Fellow
Member Code:L566
Dr K.C.Ajith Prasad
Mahathma Gandhi College

Life Fellow
Member Code:L173
Prof K.K. Sharma
I. I. T Kanpur

Life Fellow
Member Code:L155
K.L.N. Raju

Life Fellow
Member Code:L255
Dr K.O.G. Varughese
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:L269
Dr K.S. Kohli

Life Fellow
Member Code:L570
JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad.

Member Code:L126
Mr K.Venkata Subramanian

Life Fellow
Member Code:L680
Mr Kachhatiya Vivek Devendra Neel
Mr. Kachhatiya Vivek, Research Scholar,ECE-Department, 11L3, 11th Floor Techpark Building, SRM University, Kattankulathur, PIN-603203, Kancheepuram Dt. Tamil Nadu, India

Life Fellow
Member Code:L583
Dr Kalaga Venu Madhav
Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Ropar Nangal Road Ropar- 140001 India

Life Fellow
Member Code:L410
Dr Kallol Bhattarcharya
Calcutta University

Life Fellow
Member Code:L502
Mr Kamal Kishore Pant
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:L136
Dr Kamal Dasgupta
Central Glass & Ceramic Research Inst., Kolkata

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1389
Mr Kanailal Barman
Calcutta University

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1393
Dr Kanawade Rajesh V
Pune University

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L546
Mr Kanchan Chandra
I. R. D. E, Dehradun

Life Fellow
Member Code:L120
Ms Kanwal Kamra

Life Fellow
Member Code:L627

Life Fellow
Member Code:L49
Dr Kaushal Goel
Bharat Ophthalmic Glass Ltd. , Durgapur

Life Fellow
Member Code:F1293
Mr Kaushik Brahmachari
Department of Applied Optics and Photonics, University of Calcutta, Technology Campus, JD-2, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700098, India.

Regular Fellow
Member Code:F1365
Dr Kedar Khare (999)
Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas New Delhi-110 016

Regular Fellow
Member Code:L55
Prof Kehar Singh
I> I. T Delhi, New Delhi

Life Fellow
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